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Downtown Toronto

At the very heart of the metropolitan area, Downtown Toronto is where it all happens. There are so many unique districts and neighborhoods: Bay Corridor, Lakeshore, Spadina, Leslieville, The Distillery, Yorkville, the Annex, U of T, Regent Park, The Village and the list goes on. Each offers unique experiences for dining, entertainment, and joie de vivre. Regardless of which part of downtown you are in, there is almost always something to do or something happening.

It is this aspect, a vibrant and activity-filled downtown core that truly makes Toronto a unique city particularly in North America. Few other cities have so much happening in and around the corporate hubs of enterprise outside of business hours – but Toronto definitely does.

We love the energy our city’s downtown has and thrive on the ever-changing dynamics of Toronto; are continually finding new ways to be able to share all that makes our city amazing.

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